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    A safe haven in the beautiful game?

    Refugees using football as a way to build communities of resistance, report Eline Yara Jeanné and Beeke Katarina Melcher.

    Chav Solidarity

    Ewa Jasiewicz reviews the new book by D Hunter

    Don’t listen to Tony Blair – his policies helped empower the far right

    His failed integration strategies are part of the problem, not part of the solution, writes Ashish Ghadiali

    Women’s museums give voice to silenced histories

    They can be a force for change, explains Rachel Thain-Gray

    Gaza is a children’s prison

    There are one million children living in Gaza, trapped and under fire. By Omar Aziz

    Is the UK prepared for a Super China and its global New Silk Road?

    China's industrial strategy poses new challenges for the UK, writes Dorothy Guerrero

    Activists are taking on the UK’s largest carbon culprit

    Drax power station is the largest power station and largest single emitter of carbon dioxide. By Frances Howe

    A state of terror

    The Nicaraguan state has led a brutal crackdown on anti-government protests. Activist Sara Henríquez speaks to Red Pepper about how feminists have been at the forefront of the resistance.

    Governments fixate on STEM education – so why won’t they listen to scientists on climate change?

    Governments could do well to learn from school students, writes 17-year-old Climate Striker Cate Davies

    Ultra-Low Emission Zone charges are a matter of social justice

    Luke Murphy reports on the new initiative to tackle inner-city pollution

    ‘Facebook Coin’: The media giant is trying its hand at banking

    Facebook’s cryptocurrency initiative furthers an agenda of neoliberal financialization, writes Josh Gabert-Doyon

    West Papua – the world’s forgotten injustice

    Alex Sobel writes on the ongoing military occupation and its gross human rights abuses.

    Mind the age gap

    Since the financial crisis, a huge generational divide has opened up in politics, displacing class as predictor of voting behaviour. But Keir Milburn, author of Generation Left, argues that a left politics of the commons is well placed to bridge this divide.